Family Protection Plan

No pain is greater than losing a child. This is why we developed The Family Protection Plan. In the most unfortunate circumstance where a child is lost, and the parents have purchased cemetery property through the Eternal Memory Program, we provide a space for the child, next to those of his or her parents, at no charge.

The Family Protection Plan covers children from birth up to their 22nd birthday. The coverage includes children born after the purchase agreement and legally adopted children, again, up through the age of 21.

In the rare occasion that a child passes and a space next to those of his or her parents is not available, we allow the family to choose a new location that will accommodate the child and parents. Should one or both of the parents be interred when a child passes, and an adjacent space for the child is not available, we will help the family choose a new location and move the parent or parents, at no cost.

It is our belief that no bond is stronger than family, and families should remain together, both in life and in death. The Eternal Memory Program’s Family Protection Plan, to us, is simply the right thing to do.


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Family Protection Plan

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