How It Works


We understand talking about cemetery planning is among the last things anyone wants to do. That’s why we developed the Eternal Memory Program.

Few things in life are as certain as our passing. The Eternal Memory Program is a simple, cost-effective protection plan for which your loved ones will thank you. The simple truth is planning your cemetery needs is much easier when you can talk about it together, today, rather than tomorrow, alone.

Just like other real estate, location has the greatest effect on cost. Depending on the cemetery you choose and the location within, the cost of a single burial space in New Jersey can range from $2,000 to over $5,000 — for one space.

Since in most cases a husband and wife are eventually laid to rest next to one another, the cost of two spaces is thus between $4,000 and $10,000.

With the Eternal Memory Program, you can choose any two available spaces, regardless of their location within our properties, for just $4,900. Additionally, rather than require you to pay for your purchase all at once, we allow you to pay for your purchase over four years, without interest. It’s that simple.


A frequently asked question is: what happens if we move?

We are a member of International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA). The ICCFA Lot Exchange Program allows you to exchange your cemetery spaces for spaces in another city, state or even country, provided that cemetery is also an ICCFA member and you move more than 75 miles from the cemetery in which you initially purchased property.

Our Eternal Memory Program goes a step further. We allow you to choose from even non-ICCFA member cemeteries, provided they’re willing to abide by the same standards set by the ICCFA Lot Exchange Program. Not all cemeteries are members of the ICCFA, especially in rural communities where cemeteries tend to be small. Should you wish to exchange your cemetery spaces, we will contact that cemetery on your behalf to discuss the Lot Exchange Program.

Forgiveness Protection Plan

The Forgiveness Protection Plan is an offering we provide that most other cemetery organizations do not provide. Should you or your spouse pass within four years of the anniversary of the signing of the agreement, the balance due under the agreement is forgiven.

Qualifying for the Forgiveness Protection Plan requires an initial deposit of 10%, and both husband and wife must be under the age of 60 and in good health at the signing of the agreement, and the payments due under your agreement must be current.


As an added benefit, should you or your spouse pass within four years of the anniversary of the signing of the agreement, your family may qualify for our Protection Plus Discount. With an initial deposit of 20%, the Protection Plus Discount provides a $500 discount to the service cost of opening and closing of the grave. If you pay in full at the time you sign the agreement, your Protection Plus Discount is $1,000.

Family Protection Plan

No pain is greater than losing a child. This is why we developed The Family Protection Plan. In the most unfortunate circumstance where a child is lost, and the parents have purchased cemetery property through the Eternal Memory Program, we provide a space for the child, next to those of his or her parents, at no charge.

The Family Protection Plan covers children from birth up to their 22nd birthday. The coverage also includes children born after the purchase agreement and legally adopted children.

In the rare occasion that a child passes and a space next to those of his or her parents is not available, we allow the family to choose a new location that will accommodate the child and parents. Should one or both of the parents be interred when a child passes, and an adjacent space for the child is not available, we allow the family to choose a new location that can accommodate both parents and child. Should an interred person need to be moved, we provide this service at no charge, however the State of New Jersey does require certain permits, and the presence of a Funeral Director, and their fees may vary.

It is our belief that no bond is stronger than family, and families should remain together always. The Eternal Memory Program’s Family Protection Plan, to us, is simply the right thing to do.