Why Plan?

The simple truth is planning for one’s cemetery needs is among the last things anyone wants to do. But it makes sense to do so.

You choose exactly what you want, no more, no less.
You have financial flexibility.
You control the decision making.
You relieve loved ones of the need to do so.
You will save loved ones time, money and stress.
You will not only provide peace of mind to them, but to yourself.
And by doing so, your loved ones will thank you for it.


How It Works

The Eternal Memory Program is a low-cost, flexible plan your loved ones will thank you for... see details


Forgiveness Protection Plan

Should a spouse or significant other meet an untimely death, your balance is forgiven... see details


Family Protection Plan

We provide a burial space for a child next to his or her parents, because it’s the right thing to do... see details